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A digital experience to tell a story of rebuilding.

The Disruptive experience is conceived for digital media. The passion and work of a group of university students, the story it tells and the rebuilding method it proposed involved many people who gave life to a design-centered project. The visual and digital design become a narrative tool that brings an immersive and fascinating experience to life. Thanks to its illustrations, video interviews and original multimedia content, Disruptive is a new way to explore, know and appreciate the rebuilding challenge that is ahead of us.

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A space for dialogue to explain how to rebuild.

Since the Meeting of Rimini is live this year, Disruptive also has a dedicated environment within the fairground. The visitor will experience an industrial but welcoming space, where they will be able to feel first-hand the identity of the project in two different areas. The first one is an arena where a guide will present the exhibition journey with the help of a digital support. The experience ends in the second area, which is a space for dialogue, where you’ll meet the protagonists of this job, get an insight on the methods and discuss the topics of the exhibition.