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Who we are

“We are not living in a time bubble. This is a time for builders. The next few months represent a crucial passage to overcome the emergency and lay the foundation for a new beginning”

Sergio Mattarella

We are a group of university students who want to look to and up to “builders” and, possibly, collaborate to “a new era” with this exhibition. Therefore, we got close to Sergio Marchionne, to understand the reasons and methods he used to face the 2004 crisis of FIAT, leading the FCA automotive group until his death, in 2018. We met people from different fields of study: design, engineering, political sciences, architecture. Through this collaboration, we design a project whose content, digital design and live presence were really coordinated.

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Scientific-technical committee

Emanuele Bianchi, Alberto Brugnoli, Giulio Calabrese, Giovanni Cerati, Carlo Colombo, Irene Elisei, Marco Lezzi, Magnus, Gianmaria Martini, Fabio Miozzari, Mattia Papa, Maddalena Saccaggi, Giampaolo Vitali.